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The Weather Bear's den

NASA Face in Space
You can have your face in space also thanks to NASA.
NASA Face in Space

Ammended Blizzard Snowfall Log
Jerome 1SW (IL-SG-24) 2/2/11 Blizzard Detailed Log (Ammended 2/8/11)

2/1 7:00 AM 0.27" Freezing Rain/Sleet liquid equivalent 24 hour total, Trace on ground
2/1 3:00 PM 5.5" New Snow/Sleet since 7AM, 5.5" on ground, , 5.5" total snowfall since 7AM
                       Comments: placed snow board on top of new snow. heavy snow bands 1PM-3PM.
2/1 6:15 PM 4.3" New Snow since 3PM, 8.3" on ground, 9.8" total snowfall since 7AM
                       Comments: 1.50" liquid equivalent measurement #1 (included some sleet),
                                            emptied rain gauge. compaction of snow observed.
2/1 7:45 PM 1.0" New Snow since 6:15 PM, 9.1" on ground, 10.8" total snowfall since 7AM
                       Comments: cleared snow board. thunder noted.
2/1 9:15 PM
1.3" New Snow since 7:45 PM, 10.3" on ground, 12.1" total snowfall since 7AM
                       Comments: compaction observed.
2/2 1:00 AM 1.8" New Snow since 9:15 PM, 12.1" on ground, 13.9" total snowfall since 7AM
                       Comments: snow board cleared.
2/2 7:00 AM 1.3" New Snow since 1AM, 13" on ground, 15.2" 24 hour/storm snowfall total
                       Comments: 0.68" liquid equivalent measurement #2,
                                            total 24 hour liquid equivalent 2.18"

Storm totals: 15.2" Snow/Sleet + 0.27" Freezing Rain (2/1)= 2.45" precip.

-Larry Estep
 Jerome 1SW

Voice Post
89K 0:56
“Tornado warnings are in effect for numerous counties in Illinois and Missouri at this time. The tornado threat continues in areas including Central Illinois and portions of West Central and Central Missouri. The tornado warnings are occurring along the line North by 44 from Wella(?) Missouri to near(?) Jacksonville Illinois along I72 and the potential continue to move east over the next several hours. According to warning this time include portions of Central Illinois including Western Cass Morgan and Scott Counties that would include the city of Jacksonville total damage was reported during the last hour here in Wella Missouri at a hundred miles West of Saint Louis and the Saint Louis Metro Area can expect a Tornado threat by mid day. Again this is a potential life threatening situation if you're a local media for the latest warning.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox

Voice Post weirdness
Has anyone else had weirdness with Voice Posts playing with Firefox? For some reason the 2 I posted today were treated by Mozilla Firefox as Adobe files and when you clicked on them all you got was a page of garbage. I finally gave up trying to figure it out and just posted the files to my website but I've never had that happen before. If I right clicked on the WAV files and saved them to my computer then they played OK. Weird

Mother Nature's Political Commercial
53K 0:33
“Father Time promises consistency, conformity, and uniformity but his record keeping is so inaccurate Dick Clark's New Years's Rockin' Eve reports that a day has to be added to the calendar every 4 years just to keep up. He calls it Leap year.. Mother Nature calls it careless reckless and irresponsible accounting practices.

Vote for a proven record of sunshine or warmth and fair skies. Vote mother Nature on November 2nd and you'll never get fooled again. Paid for by Citizens To Re-Elect Mother Nature, Jack Frost Treasurer.”

Transcribed by: multiple users

Father Time Political Commercial
63K 0:39
“Mother nature says she'll bring Sunny skies, if she's re-elected. SHE LIES! Truth is Mother Nature brought flooding rains, tornadoes, record cold and a opressive heat and humidity...all in the past year! Father Time will bring consistency, conformity, and uniformity to your day. He'll serve you 24 hours a day 7 days a week three hundred sixty five days a year. So vote for the choice that will never stop for rain, sleet, or snow. You can fool Mother Nature but you can't fool Father Time because you'll never run out of time. Paid for by friends of Father Time (Baby New Year, Treasurer).”

Transcribed by: multiple users

Obama spam
Michelle and Barack,

PLEASE stop spamming me. I can't send money. If you'd like to send some my
way, however, please feel free.

Larry --

I've always said that 2008 was an amazing journey. But nothing from that election struck me more than seeing so many giving their time and lending their voices because they were ready for change.

Two years ago, in state after state -- no matter where I went -- I saw grandmothers out canvassing, college kids traveling to swing states and sleeping on gymnasium floors, and people using their lunch breaks to make a few more calls. So many got involved for the very first time, each one bringing others along with them.

It was inspiring to witness.

Now, Barack and I need you to help show that energy again. Because this is such a critical moment, a group of grassroots donors are ready to match any contribution you can give.

Across the country, teachers and firefighters, truckers and nurses have made pledges of support hoping to inspire you to take the next step. Because of them, a $3 contribution will become $6.

Donate today and answer your fellow supporter's pledge to match whatever you can give.

Here's how it works:

-- You choose the amount you are able to give and another supporter willing to match that amount doubles it.

-- You can choose to write a note to the individual who matched your donation and tell them why you decided to own a piece of this movement.

Since the day Barack announced his plan to run for office, supporters like you have made everything we've achieved possible.

That's as true now as it was on Election Day in 2008.

You're the reason we reformed a health care system that was broken, progress that means so much to so many. You're the reason we reined in Wall Street banks that were out of control.

But Barack can't keep making progress without strong allies in Congress. And now the same people who've opposed us at every turn are targeting the folks who voted to make change real. They think we can't do it again.

But they're wrong.

If the folks who I saw in 2008 -- those of you who packed up your bags and slept on floors and made calls and talked to voters day after day -- are ready to stand with us again, then I'm ready for any challenge that lies ahead.

That's why we're asking you to help grow this movement once again.

The plan for this election is based on the lessons we learned two years ago. Our organizers and volunteers are knocking on doors every weekend, making calls every night. Your support will help to fund this work.

Another supporter is asking you to join them today -- and has pledged to match whatever you can give.

Please donate $3 or more to help grow this movement before November 2nd:


Thank you,

Michelle Obama

Voice Post
97K 1:01
“After over 2 weeks of deliberation the jury and the correction trial with former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich(?) returned the guilty verdict on account no. 24 lying to federal authorities through the statements he made to FBI agents. This particular account carries a maximum sentencing guide line of 5 years in prison and 250 thousand dollars in fine. The judge however is likely not to go with the maximum guidelines as Goyavich(?) has never been convicted of a crime and this particular account does not include a monetary sub. The jury coming back dead locked on 23 of the 24 counts and they have now adjourned. The prosecutors promising a quick re trial of the remaining 23 counts. Again the jury and the corruption trial of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich(?) returns a guilty verdict on count no. 24 lying to federal authorities. The other 23 counts they were dead locked on. I'm Larry Step reporting.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox

Letter sent to Springfield Park District director tonight
Mr. Stratton,

As a zoo member, citizen and trained volunteer for the Henson Robinson Zoo I am very concerned
and alarmed at very serious safety issues that I have witnessed be long ignored by both zoo administration
and Springfield Park District administration. This concern was only heightened by this morning's
electrical fire in the lemur building, which luckilly resulted in no harm to animals, staff, or visitors.

One of my concerns that was mentioned to me today by a friend who was visiting the zoo at the time
was that there apparently was no evacuation of zoo visitors during this event, even when fire and
emergency personnel were working to extinguish the fire. I am told that numerous visitors were
standing within a very close proximity of the building, and some were taking pictures and video on
their cell phones. Why wasn't an announcement made that the zoo was being temporarily closed and
someone on staff appointed to calmly proceed in escorting visitors to the main lobby area until the
emergency situation had passed?

Another serious concern in the same "visitor safety" category is that during severe weather events
and tornado warnings the zoo is apparently relying on a 3rd party to notify them of pending danger.
Apparently someone form Emergency Management is supposed to call and inform them of severe
weather, but I have personally observed that not being the case. During a spring tornado warning
event on a weekend afternoon there was no call received by anyone at the zoo and the administrator
on duty at the time was shocked to learn that a tornado warning was in effect. The nearest tornado
siren was not audible on zoo grounds for some reason, and a simple and logical fix to this problem
would be that the Springfield Park District provide NOAA Weather Radios to all of their facilities
where staff are on duty and would need to act quickly in such events. This may seem trivial but
whether it is a golf course, a state-of-the art new park, or a zoo, immediate warning and awareness
of serious and potentially life threatening weather is crucial to quick response. I would appreciate
if this small appropriation could be suggested and discussed at the next Board Meeting.

I believe that there are many structural and electrical issues around the zoo property that
need to be addressed and evaluated before something tragic happens. Even to a casual visitor it
is obvious that there are general maintenance issues that are being completely neglected. Whether
this is due to decreased staffing in the maintenance department, lack of direction and/or leadership in
administration, or budgetary issues these conditions should be unacceptable as they do not live
up to even reasonable standards.

These conditions include broken or missing fences (including one that
surrounds the barnyard area that is nearly at the point of failing with boards that have fallen off
just left to rot on the ground below), electrical outlets without covers and light fixtures with no
or broken lights in them exposed to the elements, doors that are not secure to off visitor areas
that are accessible to the public (including the animal holding area behind the monkey exhibit
that is always unlocked and doesn't even have a "Zoo Personnel Only" sign on it), trip and fall
hazards on the main bridge across the pond caused by damaged boards, and other more serious
issues such as buildings and exhibits that are beginning to show their age and in some cases just
need some preventive maintenance and repairs to help them last a little longer until they can
be replaced.

The old gift shop building that is to the right of the main entrance of the zoo and is now used
for animal holding is infested with bugs and rodents and is falling apart, the wood on the bird
enclosures is rotting and there is serious erosion along the rear of both the bird enclosures and
the red wolf exhibit.. The bald eagle enclosure has a door that simply needs to
be replaced or repaired that zoo administration has been made aware of but continues to ignore.
Any visitor can look inside the exhibit from the main path and see the door warped at
the bottom, big enough for a cat or other small animal to get inside. There are railings in front
of many exhibits including these that need to be reinforced as they lean or bow if a visitor leans
up against them. The ampitheater has a huge hole in the floor just inside the rear door that
volunteers or staff use to enter that has simply been covered with a plexiglass panel and a rug
but continues to grow due to exposure to the elements. The lemur building and the gibbon buildings
both appear to be structurally deteriorating and need attention. All of these things need some TLC,
which is obviously severely lacking.

As a taxpayer, a citizen, a zoo member and now probably a former volunteer I could go on for
many more paragraphs, but you and the other Springfield Park District board members should
be aware of the issues that exist, and should commit to using whatever resources and means
necessary to doing what can be done with existing budgetary constraints, and commit to fixing
the major issues that may not be able to have immediate resolution within a reasonable time frame.
Sometimes I feel as if the board members don't see what the average person sees, and that they
are very much out of touch with what is happening at the facilities that they control. As a director
of these facilities you should be very concerned about the perception and experience that each
and every person has when using any of the great facilities that are available here in Springfield.
There is blame to go around in many places of how things have got to the way that they have, and
there are definitely many personnel related matters that I could expand on if I wanted but I want
to focus on the facility and what needs to be done to get things right. I hope I have at least made
you aware of some things that you may not have observed, and that you will take the time to
investigate these things yourself and take the lead here in making changes. If something isn't done
soon there may not be a zoo worth visiting in Springfield any longer.

Finally I would like to suggest that the Springfield Park District board request the presence of the
Zoo Director Talon Thornton at your next board meeting so that some of these issues can be
explained and a report on the status of the zoo can be made to the board members. It might very
well be enlightening to everyone to make a trip out there at your earliest convenience and tour
the grounds. You can see things from both the eye of a casual visitor and also the more critical
and influential eye of people who can change things that are wrong.

Thank you for your time.

Larry Estep

Voice Post
80K 0:50
(no transcription available)